Shooting Horses by Juan Lamarca


Horses has been part of my life since I born, growing up on the Argentinian countryside I always rode and spend time around them. When I became a professional photographer I started shooting a lot of polo games, and in 2014 I started this series called “Horse portrait series”.  

The most challenging part for me and what I focus on the most,  is  trying to capture the essence of the horses while concentrating  primarily  on details,  specific parts or gestures that represent the essence of the animal that I have in front of me.
There is a sense of duality between harmonic beauty and  power that I really try to capture on every shot as an independent photograph, and also as the essential concept of the series.  

The concept of capturing the essence based on details, really define the creative process and the way I shoot,  the equipment I use, the election of lenses, and  the whole production design is based on this search. 

In order to have as much detail as possible, I usually shot medium format, which provides me with a lot of information on the files,  and also allow me to enlarge prints on a really big scale while keeping  a fine quality.  On the other hang, it also requires a lot of light and precise calculation of depth of field, aperture, an many technical considerations.  

I Like to use long lenses, like 150MM Telephoto lenses. Since they provide a shallow depth of field and help me emphasis the simplistic and more pure clean lines what will transmite the concept =.