APRIL 18-20, 2019

The Longines Global Champions Tour brings together Olympic and world champions to compete in prestigious locations for unprecedented prize money. One of the most unique and iconic destinations in the equestrian sport, the world’s premier show jumping series returns to the US continent bringing Olympic-level sport to the world-famous Miami Beach on America’s East Coast. Fans can enjoy spectacular scenes as riders jump literally next to the glittering Atlantic Ocean, and Miami Beach will provide the perfect backdrop as the world's top horses and riders compete. A selection of photos from Juan Lamarca’s Horse Series, an abstract collection of photographs featuring high performance horses, will be on display from April 18th through April 20th.

Growing up on the Argentinian countryside, horses have always been a part of photographer Juan Lamarca's life and are the inspiration for his Horse Series. The images seek to capture the essence of the horse while concentrating primarily on the simplicity of detail and line. By highlighting the dueling natures of the horse: beauty and power,the photographs explore the harmony and strength found in their complementary opposites. The images are rendered abstract through tight crops and play of light. Each photograph examines unexpected details: the sculpted contours of a muscular neck, meticulously platted manes, and shimmering dappled coats.

The large-scale photographs bring every detail to the foreground and inform the technical elements of Lamarca's creative process. From choice of equipment, to lighting and camera lens, the entire production is designed to achieve the highest quality image. The production of each shoot is carefully planned in order to allow for spontaneity because frequently the best photos are a result of the impromptu gestures the subject - the reaching around to scratch a hind leg with their teeth, rearing up in contest of a bath - Lamarca must be ready to capture every moment.